New Punjabi songs 2015

New Punjabi songs 2015
New Punjabi Song 2015 | SAIYAAN | NAVI BRAR| Latest Punjabi Songs 2015 best rock sad indian hit hd indian video bollywood hd punjabi movies 2015 best bollywood1080P HD trailer 2015 Pakistani

new punjabi movies 2015 full movies
New Punjabi Songs 2015 | SAIYAAN | NAVI BRAR| Latest Punjabi Songs 2015 New Latest Punjabi Song 2015 | SAIYAAN | NAVI BRAR | hd top hit 2015 indian video bollywood hd indian pakistani

Our song SAIYAAN is dedicated to all the mothers who may have lost their children in conflicts.
It had been inspired by ??Peshawar? School Massacre (2014) where 132 schoolchildren were gunned down. The lyrics come from Bulleh Shah’s writings. The simplicity in which ?BullehShah? addresses the complex fundamental problems with life and humanity remain relevant in today’s turbulent times.????

Track - Saiyaan
Singer - Navi Brar
Actress - Deep Brar
Child Actor: Ishan Sandhar
Lyrics - Bulleh Shah
Video by: Prime Pollution

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